Are you great to be around?

30th of April 2012

Be someone great to come home to and great to be around! I know people who would do anything and go anywhere because they are trying to avoid going home to their spouse. Ask yourself, is that your spouse today? Why would your loved one miss you and be anxious for the two of you to be together again! Can you think of any good reason? Be honest with yourself. If the answer is no, then you have some homework to do. Make a change today that causes your spouse to thank God for the day they married you!


Are you big enough to apologise first!

24th of April 2012

Marriage tip of the day:

It makes no difference whether you are the husband or the wife, you both have an obligation to yourself, each other and the marriage as a whole. Therefore do yourselves a favour and learn the art of saying “I’m sorry.” When you consider that it takes two people to argue, have a misunderstanding and fall out, then surely it must also be the responsibility of  both to try and be the first to apologise. In a good and healthy marriage there is little room for pride, or the luxury and satisfaction of proving you are right and your spouse is wrong. When you both have peace as the same priority, then harmony indeed will reign and speak for itself in your home, as you both excel at the art of apologising!

Marriage is a Partnership!

17th of April 2012

Remember that marriage is a partnership and requires team effort and team work. Husband and wife though different are equally important. No one role is more important than the other. Both people are needed to make it work. Everything done should be done for the greater good of the marriage for the benefit of both people involved. In order for the marriage to have taken place in the first place husband and wife must of believed it was a good idea at some point! Go back to basics periodically and take stock of things. Enjoy remembering why you married each other and vowed to spend the rest of your lives together!

Invest in those willing your marriage to succeed!

10th of April 2012

Marriage tip of the day :

Embrace the relationships that are interested in and have a heart for you both as a couple. Invest in the people who have nothing to lose or gain by taking sides and watching your marriage fall apart. Embrace them if they are willing to objectively support you both, until your marriage is a success. Embrace them if they are willing to cry with you at the very thought of you splitting up, and celebrate with you as you thank God that your marriage is celebrating another wedding anniversary!

Invest in your marriage and spouse!

3rd of April 2012

Take time to invest in your marriage and spouse. We always find time for the things we care about no matter how busy we are. Make time to spend together. The time and energy spent to build up your marriage is time well spent. Yes, sometimes it is a sacrifice. However the things you put in, you will be able to get out and enjoy later!  If you want friendship, be a friend to your spouse. If you want to be supported when you’re are struggling, be supportive and the one person they can turn to when everyone else walks away. If you want a demonstrative display of love and affection, be loving and affectionate. Stop at nothing until the one you love feels loved up just because they have you! Make up your mind that you will give to your spouse, rather than just take everything you can get from them. Remember any healthy relationship is a question of the balance between give and take. If you take all the time, you are literally shooting yourself in the foot! It will only be a question of time before things fall apart! Try giving for love’s sake. You won’t be disappointed as you watch your marriage turn around.