What’s so great about your marriage?

25th of may 2012

Remember your life’s partner is one of your greatest assets, so make time to appreciate them! Think about what makes them so special to you. It could be the things they do or say. The point is somewhere along the line you decided to rearrange your whole life to be with them. You would not have done that if you didn’t think it was worth it. So go on, get thinking? What are their strong points? What made you fall for them in the first place? Why do you love them? Why would you not want to have to live without them? No marriage is perfect and every one goes through ups and downs. However, ┬áif you can be honest with yourself and answer these questions, you could learn to focus on the positives and end up having a great marriage!


Don’t be a nag!

14th of May 2012

Don’t nag! Nagging is the fastest way to not achieve or get what you desire! Besides who put you in charge anyway? Who is to say you are always right and your spouse is always wrong? Only a pompous fool believes they single handedly know everything! Just for the record, no on likes a smarty pants! For the sake of the marriage, be prepared to eat humble pie on a regular basis, not because your a fool, but because your marriage will thrive and be richer for it!

Are you a noose round the neck?

11th of May 2012

Don’t be excessively demanding and high maintenance. This puts incredible strain on your loved one and eventually the pressure to keep you ‘feeling fixed’, will be an overwhelming burden or worse……. a noose round their neck! Many marriages have broken down because of this, leaving one spouse in shock and wondering, “What did I say? What did I do? Don’t be so naieve! Keep a constant check on the demands you place on your loved one. Always think of the greater good of the marriage as a whole. Remember to give and to be a blessing!