Wedding vows!

26th of June 2012

Remember your wedding day? On that day you made some pretty sacred and awesome wedding vows to your spouse, in the presence of God and infront of various witnesses including family and friends. On that special day, your vows meant something and probably even reduced you to tears as you uttered them making life long promises. When things get tough remember those vows. Don’t trample on them! Instead hold them close in your heart and keep them in your focus.  Marriage is not always an easy thing, but if you stick with it and work at it with all you’ve got, it can become one of  the biggest blessings of your life!


The marriage course!

19th of June 2012

There are ups and downs in every marriage. That is inevitable considering it involves the union of two imperfect people! However every marriage although unique and different needs to be worked at. This applies even if you consider your marriage to be a great one. During the times when a couple may feel they need all the help they can get, I am delighted to say there definitely is help out there. It is just a question of getting the right kind of help for you as a couple.

Something that helped Nigel and I so much just when we needed it was ‘ The marriage course.’ This is a course designed for the sole purpose of bringing enrichment to any and every marriage. It ran for seven weeks and provided quality time for us as a couple. It was literally touch and go for us at this point so it was a very crucial time in our marriage. This course helped us to identify, acknowledge and address each issue of contention, in a peaceful manner. I have to say it was instrumental in giving us the building blocks to rebuild our marriage after removing the rubble! I can’t help thinking about it with much affection. I thoroughly recommend it and encourage you to go on it as a life time  investment in one of the most important relationships you will ever have.

If you think this will be helpful to you or someone you know do check it out: