Want to inject some fun and laughter into your marriage?

25th of July 2012

Hey folks,

You want to inject some fun and laughter into your marriage? Check this out. It will have you rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter but will share some helpful home truths with you to apply to your marriage too!

Here’s the link to Laugh your way to a better marriage by Mark Gungor


Happy watching!


Always have boundaries in and around your marriage!

16th of July 2012

Make sure you have boundaries in and around your marriage as they set a safety zone for you and your loved one! Do not violate them because this will inevitably put your marriage at risk. For example its not always smart to go out for a cosy meal with a member of the opposite sex. Why put yourself at risk, and in a vulnerable position where you may not have the strength to resist temptation?  It may not be the wisest thing to commit to a great big financial anything without even discussing it with your spouse. Failing to respect and stay within the boundaries of your marriage may cause you to find that you have bitten off much more than you can chew!

Awesome film about marriage!

10th of July 2012

Hi folks!

A very dear friend of mine told me about the most amazing film ever! It is called ‘Fire proof your marriage,’ and it moved me more than I can tell you! It answered so many questions, challenged and inspired me to the point where I had to share it with you! If you dare to snuggle up to your spouse and watch it with them, I’m sure your marriage will reach another level!

Here’s the link to see what I’m talking about:


Always pick up your seed!

3rd of July 2012

To provide a healthy environment in which to nurture your marriage and keep things flowing in a positive and loving fashion, it’s important to learn from the farmer. A farmer knows that whatever seeds he plants, that’s the crop that he will reap and harvest later. If he plants potatoes there will be no point looking for a harvest of oranges at some later date. So here’s the thing. If you know that you have been responsible for planting bad seeds into your marriage don’t just leave things to fester. No amount of burying your head in the sand, or blaming your spouse for everything, is going fix the bad feelings, vibes, or the general atmosphere. As difficult as it may be, taking responsibility for your own actions and making things right with your spouse is the only way forward. Go back and pick up and uproot if necessary those bad seeds. If left, they will never germinate into anything good! It takes guts to humble yourself and put your marriage first. However when you choose to do all you can do, to put whatever has gone wrong right, you could end up having the kind of marriage that others can only wish they had. A great marriage doesn’t have to be such a rare thing in this day and age! Through your choices from this day forward, you could model for other couples just how it should be done!