Equally important!

29th of October 2012

Marriage is a partnership! No one spouse is more important than the other; the roles are just different and equally important both contributing to make the marriage special!


Time and room to grow!

26th of October 2012

Give your spouse the time and room they need to grow. If there are things that you believe need changing about them instead of complaining and moaning, why not decide to be their greatest encourager? Support them and be a major part of their change instead. Let them know that you are in this for the long hall and their place of safety is with you!

Prevention is better than cure!

15th of October 2012

Don’t be the sort of person that just buries your head in the sand, hoping that problems and troubles will just go away! If things are rocky, aim to be part of the solution instead knowing that you have a major part to play!┬áListen to your spouse! Don’t just switch off, day dream and allow what they are saying to just go over your head. When they are talking to you, respectfully look at them and give them your undivided attention. Concentrate on really hearing what they are saying to you. Take it in, absorb it and take the time to respond rather than react. Do yourself a favour and avoid unnecessary conflict and issues arising Just because you couldn’t be bothered to listen and really hear! Don’t wait till its too late and the marriage is over, to then try and fix things. Always remember that prevention is better than cure!

It is unwise to shoot yourself in the foot!


It is a wife’s job to build her husband up even if and when the rest of the world is tearing him down. He deserves at least one cheerleader and guess what…… It should be you! Many wives fail miserably in this area forgetting that there will always be younger, more beautiful girls and women willing to tell your man how strong, handsome and wonderful he is. Wives, do yourself a favour, get in there first instead of shooting yourself in the foot! Don’t wait for some other woman to sneak up and steal your husband from right under your nose! Instead let your husband find all he needs in you so he can’t wait to get back home to you!