How to Grow together as a couple!

26th of November 2012

Growing together as a couple is not an automatic thing. Husband and wife must choose to build inspite of the challenges that present themselves. Often adjustments are necessary and have to be made for the good of the marriage itself. That is not always easy but if you are fully committed to making your marriage work, you’ll see that whatever sacrifices you have to make will be rewarded many times over, further down the line.


Your marriage is worth fighting for!

20th of November 2012

Marriage is undoubtedly hard work but it has the potential to be one of the most rewarding blessings in your life. Therefore go get yourself  a new dose of renewed focus and determination, that you will do all you can to fight for your marriage and make it work! Don’t give up at the first or even the millionth hurdle! God forbid, but if your marriage doesn’t work, let it not be because you did not give it all you’ve got.