Marriage Preparation!

28th of January 2013

How on earth do you prepare for marriage? How do you get ready for spending the rest of your life with some one else? How do you give your marriage the best possible start? Have you any idea what the answers are to these questions? Why not talk to people who can steer you in the right direction? Why not consider getting your self on to a marriage preparation course or recommending it to people you know.

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Go on I dare you!

21st of January 2013

One of the main purposes of marriage is to create! Look at the bigger picture and consider what you are creating today…. chaos or harmony? Look around your world and assess your impact on it…… go on I dare you! ! !

Who is poisoning your marriage?

We can certainly learn to make better and wiser decisions after learning unfortunately from often terrible mistakes! When given advice concerning your marriage, its wise to consider the source of that advice including the motivations and intentions of the person giving it! People smiling in your face do not necessarily have the welfare of your marriage at heart. They may very well stab you in the back, and happily become a source of poison to your marriage the first chance they get! After all, there is truth in the saying, ‘all that glitters is not gold!’

As a wife are you a control freak?

8th 0f Jan 2013

We as wives often have an intense temptation and desire to ‘control’ our husbands. We may not readily admit this especially if we are into ‘women’s Lib’, but that doesn’t make it any less true! However going back to the original creative design for marriage, it was never meant to be that way. God forbid, but when a marriage starts to break down if an honest investigation is done, this could prove to be a major culprit. The truth is when we as women try and manipulate things to force them to be a certain way, the marriage will inevitably break down in the long run. Cracks will appear and sooner or later the walls that perhaps once stood tall and firm, will crumble and disintegrate! Don’t let this happen to you! Take and honest look in the mirror and readjust your attitude if necessary!