Marriage is worth the hard work!

26th of March 2013

In marriage be prepared to work hard in your relationship. It  is hard work especially when you consider it is the merging of two different and seperate lives so there will be some ironing out to do. However bear in mind that you get out of your marriage what you put in so it will all be worth it in the end!

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18th of March 2013

Don’t take your commitment to your spouse lightly! Your commitment to one another must not just be through words only or your marriage will fail! Your actions and the things you don’t say, will often give the game away, so mean and do what you say! Become a person of your word. Let your yes be yes, and your no, be no. Don’t be ambiguous and play games. Your spouse may just take you at your word and you may regret the result!

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Practise putting each other first!

11th of March 2013

Don’t allow selfishness and fear to control how you relate to your spouse. This is never a good way to nurture intimacy with one another! Instead get used to thinking about one another and practise putting each other first! Imagine if every couple in every marriage did that! Divorce would be a thing of the past and the legal profession would be significantly affected!

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The gift of togetherness!

4th of March 2013
As a married couple search tirelessly for fresh new ways to nurture, celebrate and deepen your oneness with one another. Not just the ordinary mundane everyday things, but fun things that make you laugh from your gut and remind you why you married your spouse! Sometimes in the battles of everyday life, that can get easily swallowed up and forgotten. It doesn’t hurt the cause to ensure there is a consistent reminder. Marriage togetherness is meant to be a thing to celebrate and rejoice in!

Are you a best friend to your spouse?

1st of March 2013

Wives how much of a best friend are you to your husband? Husbands how much of a best friend are you to your wife? Do you put your spouse at ease and make it easy for them to share their heart with you? When something incredibly exciting or absolutely devastating happens in your day, is your spouse the first or last person you think of to share this with? This is a good test to participate in regardless of who you are. I believe it will tell you a lot about what you need to know about your marriage! Obviously different marriages are at different levels of communication and intimacy, so this test is only to help you decide whether you need to invest more into this area. When a husband and wife are meant to be basking in the light of unity and togetherness, then having a best friend in your spouse can prove to be one of the greatest blessings you could have. So invest yourself in the right kind of ground that will yield a good harvest. That of course doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t have other friends who you confide in. However God knows the world is unfriendly enough without you feeling as if you live with an enemy in your own home!