Marriages are unique!

29th of April 2013

Remember that every marriage is unique! What might work for one couple may not necessarily work for another, but that’s alright. Marriages are as different as people are, but what remains important is that each one has love worked into its very foundations. When Love is present anything is possible.


Don’t be cruel!

22nd of April 2013

When we realise that we have set wrong or unrealistic goals we need to be brave. We need to have the courage to be honest with one another in a loving manner, that does not wound our spouse to the point that they are unable to recover. No matter what we have to say, there’s never going to be any excuse that justifies being cruel. If your loved one has entrusted you with their heart, the least you can do is treat it as something very precious!

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Do you share yourself with your spouse?

15th of April 2013

How much of yourself do you share with your spouse? How much do you hold back? Is your spouse a priority? Do you share your time, your hopes,your dreams, your thoughts with them.  Do they really know you? Do they you really aim to know  them? You may have other friends but your spouse is the one you are supposed to be safe enough to share intimately with? Does your spouse feel safe with you?

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Give and take!

1st of April 2013

Marriage is about mutually giving to each other! It certainly is not about one person giving more than the other, or one person always recieving while the other person only ever gives. As with everything else in life there must be balance in the giving and recieving! That doesn’t mean that if one spouse is in trouble that the other cannot help and assist. However later on down the line, things should again even out into a give and take arrangment.