How dead or alive is your marriage?

26th of July 2013

Lets face it folks marriage is hard work! When its great,  it is heavenly! When its not so great it can feel as if all of hell has been let loose! Husbands, wives, there is no shame in seeking help if your marriage needs it. What matters is being determined to do everything you can to make your marriage work. If that means getting counselling or going on a marriage course, then swallow your pride and do it. At the end of the day can you put a price tag on a marriage that feels like it was made in heaven? If thats the kind of marriage you want, then it stands to reason that it is wise to put the work and effort in. Surely the truth is that such renewed commitment, can infuse life even into the deadest of marriages!


Emotional walls.. a good or bad idea in marriage?

8th of July 2013

Do you put up emotional walls in your marriage in a desperate attempt to protect and preserve yourself and avoid pain? The problem with that ofcourse is that the walls that are meant to protect you also barricade you in, and as a result you become isolated. The very walls that are supposed to protect you from any hurt also shut out any much needed love too. Its a constant cycle which eliminates any chance of deep valuable healing. Yes sometimes it seems that life sets you up to get hurt, however your spouse if given a chance could end up being instumental in bringing about healing for you within your marriage. Your marriage should be a safe place as opposed to just a battle ground with just one more enemy in it! Take responsibility and understand that your marriage is what you make it. If there is room for improvment, then don’t wait for your spouse to change, why don’t you take the iniative and be prepared to change first? Does it really matter who makes the first move, or who has the last say?  Its wise to make up your mind once and for all whether or not you want your want your marriage to work or not!

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