Why not write a new list?


Why not spend time writing  yourself a band new  list of all the things you love and adore about your spouse. Surely this is more constructive and  sure beats making a mental list of all the things that you hate and are irritated by! Its true that where ever your thoughts go, you as a person will follow. So its a bit of a no brainer, If you don’t want to be tormented with the mystery of why you married your spouse in the first place, spend time developing the first list as opposed to the second!


New book by Diane Wilkie out soon!

Hi folks!

I hope your new year has been awesome and very blessed so far! Hopefully you have many exciting new projects on your agenda for this year. Can you believe that it is the 13th of January 2014 already? It seems like it was only five minutes ago that we were all running around ‘christmas’ shopping, and now that’s long come and gone. I would like to take this opportunity to share my excitement with you about my new book that is coming soon. It is called Knocking on Heaven’s door and its all about the art of praying even if you consider yourself to be a novice! Exactly how do you talk to the ‘man upstairs?’ What’s the point? Does he hear you or even care? This prayer manual will cover such topics and answer many similar questions. Keep checking back and watch this space for the book’s launch date!