Putting your marriage into perspective!

Your marriage is a blessing and a gift that many do not yet have and can only hope for! Granted it may not always feel very glorious at times, however that is no excuse to take it for granted! Do you know that the wife or husband that gets on your nerves……would actually be a tremendous blessing to someone else? Their lack, would actually be a reason for them to be so happy and appreciative of what you perhaps look down your nose at! Hopefully this reality check helps you to put things into perspective! It is important to see that things could always be so much worse! So, take a deep breath, look at the bigger picture, and thank God for what you do have!

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How are you a blessing to your marriage?

Happy new year to every married couple! It is wonderful to have entered 2015 safely with your spouse….(spare a thought for all those who are now widowed for one reason or another). With this in mind I have a question for you? How do you plan to be a special blessing to your husband/wife this year? What are you going to do to make them thank God they have you in their lives? Being a blessing is not just a coincidence! It often takes doing certain things on purpose! How are you a blessing to your marriage? Are there ways in which you are actually a liability? How do you plan to address those things, habits and behaviour? What can you do to make things better? How can you add to the quality of the marriage? As there is always room for improvement, what else can you bring to the table?

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Does being married to you feel like a blessing or a curse?

24th of June 2013

Husbands and wives, please learn how to cultivate a loving sensitivity that will encourage and allow your spouse to be open and honest with you without feeling they always need to walk on eggshells whenever you’re around. Can your spouse tell you how they honestly feel or share with you whatever is really bothering them? Do you make them feel as if their life’s mission has to be making you feel fixed and happy all the time? Do you manipulate them and circumstances by throwing a tantrum until you get your own way? If you do maybe its best to have a change of heart because this is not what marriage is all about! By demanding everything, you may end up destroying the good things you do have within your marriage and ending up with nothing! Who in their right mind wants to be around a selfish, self centred person? Think about it and decide whether you need to make the relevant adjustments to your personality and way of doing things. Remember your marriage is a gift and supposed to be a blessing! Please don’t make being married to you feel as if it is a curse!

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Giddy joy or absolute horror?

18th of June 2013

Do not place an unnecessary expectation and burden on your spouse to meet your needs! Remember your loved one is imperfect, human and incapable of  successfully playing the role of God in your life! That was never meant to be their job and puts a pressure on them no person should have to live with. Instead be grateful for the ways they do enrich your life, and afford them the luxury of being the blessing to you that they are cabable of being! You may not think they are doing enough, but try walking in their shoes for a day and see if that doesn’t change your mind and perspective! Imagine what it is like living with you! Be honest, does that bring thoughts of giddy joy or absolute horror? Now consider, this is your loved one’s every day reality!

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Are you a best friend to your spouse?

1st of March 2013

Wives how much of a best friend are you to your husband? Husbands how much of a best friend are you to your wife? Do you put your spouse at ease and make it easy for them to share their heart with you? When something incredibly exciting or absolutely devastating happens in your day, is your spouse the first or last person you think of to share this with? This is a good test to participate in regardless of who you are. I believe it will tell you a lot about what you need to know about your marriage! Obviously different marriages are at different levels of communication and intimacy, so this test is only to help you decide whether you need to invest more into this area. When a husband and wife are meant to be basking in the light of unity and togetherness, then having a best friend in your spouse can prove to be one of the greatest blessings you could have. So invest yourself in the right kind of ground that will yield a good harvest. That of course doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t have other friends who you confide in. However God knows the world is unfriendly enough without you feeling as if you live with an enemy in your own home!

Your marriage is worth fighting for!

20th of November 2012

Marriage is undoubtedly hard work but it has the potential to be one of the most rewarding blessings in your life. Therefore go get yourself  a new dose of renewed focus and determination, that you will do all you can to fight for your marriage and make it work! Don’t give up at the first or even the millionth hurdle! God forbid, but if your marriage doesn’t work, let it not be because you did not give it all you’ve got.

Wedding vows!

26th of June 2012

Remember your wedding day? On that day you made some pretty sacred and awesome wedding vows to your spouse, in the presence of God and infront of various witnesses including family and friends. On that special day, your vows meant something and probably even reduced you to tears as you uttered them making life long promises. When things get tough remember those vows. Don’t trample on them! Instead hold them close in your heart and keep them in your focus.  Marriage is not always an easy thing, but if you stick with it and work at it with all you’ve got, it can become one of  the biggest blessings of your life!