How well do you love?

Please remember that tomorrow is promised to no-one. Don’t leave till tomorrow what you need to say today. Make the effort now to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them. Don’t wait for someone else to make them feel special…..that’s your job! Don’t wait to see if they make you feel special first, or count how many times they have made the effort lately before you decide to act. Life is too precious and short for mind games! You are blessed to have someone to love in the first place! Ask all those people who are still desperately searching for that special someone. So today grab the bull by its horns and choose to love well and much better than you managed to yesterday. Today is a brand new day, and its so full of opportunities to really make a difference to your loved one. So precious one, what are you waiting for?


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Precious and loved!

7th of May 2013

Remember one of your main jobs as a husband or wife is to do all you can to remind your spouse that they are precious to and loved by someone! Presumably you expect nothing less from them? Why not then decide to be the one to set the standard?

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It is unwise to shoot yourself in the foot!


It is a wife’s job to build her husband up even if and when the rest of the world is tearing him down. He deserves at least one cheerleader and guess what…… It should be you! Many wives fail miserably in this area forgetting that there will always be younger, more beautiful girls and women willing to tell your man how strong, handsome and wonderful he is. Wives, do yourself a favour, get in there first instead of shooting yourself in the foot! Don’t wait for some other woman to sneak up and steal your husband from right under your nose! Instead let your husband find all he needs in you so he can’t wait to get back home to you!