How well do you love?

Please remember that tomorrow is promised to no-one. Don’t leave till tomorrow what you need to say today. Make the effort now to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them. Don’t wait for someone else to make them feel special…..that’s your job! Don’t wait to see if they make you feel special first, or count how many times they have made the effort lately before you decide to act. Life is too precious and short for mind games! You are blessed to have someone to love in the first place! Ask all those people who are still desperately searching for that special someone. So today grab the bull by its horns and choose to love well and much better than you managed to yesterday. Today is a brand new day, and its so full of opportunities to really make a difference to your loved one. So precious one, what are you waiting for?


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Date nights with your spouse!

9th of September 2013

Do you ever have date nights with your spouse? Doesn’t life just get so busy with work, kids, money pressures? e.t.c  When was the last time you just relaxed with your husband or wife giving them your full undivided attention? Why not plan your next date? Kick off your shoes, take the phone off the hook, watch a fim and enjoy each other? It will do you both the world of good. It might even remind you both why you fall in love in the  first place!

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How dead or alive is your marriage?

26th of July 2013

Lets face it folks marriage is hard work! When its great,  it is heavenly! When its not so great it can feel as if all of hell has been let loose! Husbands, wives, there is no shame in seeking help if your marriage needs it. What matters is being determined to do everything you can to make your marriage work. If that means getting counselling or going on a marriage course, then swallow your pride and do it. At the end of the day can you put a price tag on a marriage that feels like it was made in heaven? If thats the kind of marriage you want, then it stands to reason that it is wise to put the work and effort in. Surely the truth is that such renewed commitment, can infuse life even into the deadest of marriages!

Wedding vows!

26th of June 2012

Remember your wedding day? On that day you made some pretty sacred and awesome wedding vows to your spouse, in the presence of God and infront of various witnesses including family and friends. On that special day, your vows meant something and probably even reduced you to tears as you uttered them making life long promises. When things get tough remember those vows. Don’t trample on them! Instead hold them close in your heart and keep them in your focus.  Marriage is not always an easy thing, but if you stick with it and work at it with all you’ve got, it can become one of  the biggest blessings of your life!