I love you!

These days people get offended for all sorts of things, some serious, some quite petty. However it is rare that people are offended because someone told them that they are loved! I don’t think anyone can say they hear those words too often or too much. Therefore I encourage you to tell your spouse you love them as often as possible. Don’t be shy with this, but let this become your habit. It will certainly help to plant love and greatness into your marriage. Remember you get out what you put in!! I dare you, say those three little words. Don’t just presume your spouse knows because you told them so on your wedding day!

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What every spouse wants to hear!

It doesn’t matter whether you have been married for five minutes or fifty years…it is important to start the way you’re going to go on. Make a conscious decision and effort to never take your spouse for granted. Instead presuming that they will always be around, its wise to remember that no-one knows tomorrow. Therefore take the time to tell your spouse that you love them. It is sheer music to hear those special words….’I love you’!

What does it take to have a great marriage?

Your marriage is supposed to be the reason you laugh and sing rather than the reason you cry and wish you were somewhere, anywhere else! Remember however that a great marriage does not come about by wishful thinking alone. It takes hard work, a bucket load of endless love, full commitment and complete investment of oneself to the relationship to keep going even when the going gets tough!

Read two free chapters of Knocking on heaven’s door by the author here:


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How well do you love?

Please remember that tomorrow is promised to no-one. Don’t leave till tomorrow what you need to say today. Make the effort now to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them. Don’t wait for someone else to make them feel special…..that’s your job! Don’t wait to see if they make you feel special first, or count how many times they have made the effort lately before you decide to act. Life is too precious and short for mind games! You are blessed to have someone to love in the first place! Ask all those people who are still desperately searching for that special someone. So today grab the bull by its horns and choose to love well and much better than you managed to yesterday. Today is a brand new day, and its so full of opportunities to really make a difference to your loved one. So precious one, what are you waiting for?


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Why not write a new list?


Why not spend time writing  yourself a band new  list of all the things you love and adore about your spouse. Surely this is more constructive and  sure beats making a mental list of all the things that you hate and are irritated by! Its true that where ever your thoughts go, you as a person will follow. So its a bit of a no brainer, If you don’t want to be tormented with the mystery of why you married your spouse in the first place, spend time developing the first list as opposed to the second!