Take the time to tell them!

Surely it is not necessary for me to mention that our world is in serious trouble. Therefore decide today that you will make a conscious effort to stop taking your spouse for granted. Take the time to let them know in your own special way, that you love and appreciate them. Do this sooner rather than later as none of us have any idea what tomorrow will bring!

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Now Valentine’s day is over……

Hi folks,

Now all the fuss of Valentine’s day is over I thought i’d take the opportunity to remind us all that husbands and wives are not just for Valentine’s day but infact for life! Valentines day is one day of the year so why not take up the challenge to make your beloved feel loved and special absolutely every day for the rest of their lives?

What’s valentines day got to do with it?

12th of febuary 2013

Someone asked me if I had anything special planned for valentines day. I told them that every day was valentines day in our house! If it has to take valentines day to prompt us to do something nice and special for our loved one, then that is a little sad as it only comes round once a year! I prefer to let my husband know that he is the only one for me, every single day of our marriage! I would like to think he knows that I appreciate the man he is and that I have made it clear to him…… he is simply irreplaceable!

What’s so great about your marriage?

25th of may 2012

Remember your life’s partner is one of your greatest assets, so make time to appreciate them! Think about what makes them so special to you. It could be the things they do or say. The point is somewhere along the line you decided to rearrange your whole life to be with them. You would not have done that if you didn’t think it was worth it. So go on, get thinking? What are their strong points? What made you fall for them in the first place? Why do you love them? Why would you not want to have to live without them? No marriage is perfect and every one goes through ups and downs. However,  if you can be honest with yourself and answer these questions, you could learn to focus on the positives and end up having a great marriage!