Take the time to tell them!

Surely it is not necessary for me to mention that our world is in serious trouble. Therefore decide today that you will make a conscious effort to stop taking your spouse for granted. Take the time to let them know in your own special way, that you love and appreciate them. Do this sooner rather than later as none of us have any idea what tomorrow will bring!

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Do you share yourself with your spouse?

15th of April 2013

How much of yourself do you share with your spouse? How much do you hold back? Is your spouse a priority? Do you share your time, your hopes,your dreams, your thoughts with them.  Do they really know you? Do they you really aim to know  them? You may have other friends but your spouse is the one you are supposed to be safe enough to share intimately with? Does your spouse feel safe with you?

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Time and room to grow!

26th of October 2012

Give your spouse the time and room they need to grow. If there are things that you believe need changing about them instead of complaining and moaning, why not decide to be their greatest encourager? Support them and be a major part of their change instead. Let them know that you are in this for the long hall and their place of safety is with you!

Prevention is better than cure!

15th of October 2012

Don’t be the sort of person that just buries your head in the sand, hoping that problems and troubles will just go away! If things are rocky, aim to be part of the solution instead knowing that you have a major part to play! Listen to your spouse! Don’t just switch off, day dream and allow what they are saying to just go over your head. When they are talking to you, respectfully look at them and give them your undivided attention. Concentrate on really hearing what they are saying to you. Take it in, absorb it and take the time to respond rather than react. Do yourself a favour and avoid unnecessary conflict and issues arising Just because you couldn’t be bothered to listen and really hear! Don’t wait till its too late and the marriage is over, to then try and fix things. Always remember that prevention is better than cure!

Invest in your marriage and spouse!

3rd of April 2012

Take time to invest in your marriage and spouse. We always find time for the things we care about no matter how busy we are. Make time to spend together. The time and energy spent to build up your marriage is time well spent. Yes, sometimes it is a sacrifice. However the things you put in, you will be able to get out and enjoy later!  If you want friendship, be a friend to your spouse. If you want to be supported when you’re are struggling, be supportive and the one person they can turn to when everyone else walks away. If you want a demonstrative display of love and affection, be loving and affectionate. Stop at nothing until the one you love feels loved up just because they have you! Make up your mind that you will give to your spouse, rather than just take everything you can get from them. Remember any healthy relationship is a question of the balance between give and take. If you take all the time, you are literally shooting yourself in the foot! It will only be a question of time before things fall apart! Try giving for love’s sake. You won’t be disappointed as you watch your marriage turn around.