I love you!

These days people get offended for all sorts of things, some serious, some quite petty. However it is rare that people are offended because someone told them that they are loved! I don’t think anyone can say they hear those words too often or too much. Therefore I encourage you to tell your spouse you love them as often as possible. Don’t be shy with this, but let this become your habit. It will certainly help to plant love and greatness into your marriage. Remember you get out what you put in!! I dare you, say those three little words. Don’t just presume your spouse knows because you told them so on your wedding day!

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Wives tear down self erected walls!

30th of September  2013

Wives learn to put away from you all self erected walls and barriers between you and your husband, in a pathetic attempt at self preservation. Instead why not  concentrate on relaxing in your in your husband’s love. Learn to focus on giving yourself freely to him preferably with no strings attached. After all these are the things you vowed to do on your wedding day! Deciding to keep your distance from him may mean you win that battle, but it will aslo contribute to you losing the war to save your marriage!

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A great reason for a marriage to break down!

8th of August 2013

Only too often the reason that a marriage breaks down is simply that after the excitment of the wedding day, what comes to light are hidden, deceitful,destructive underlining habitual behavoural pattens. Such methods as being controlling and manipulative are sure marriage killers. Afterall who wants to feel as if their free will has been violated? Being aware of this is half the battle, because then it is possible to stop yourself and make a concious effort to only allow yourself to do those things that will build a warm, strong, healthy and fruitful marriage.

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Wedding vows!

26th of June 2012

Remember your wedding day? On that day you made some pretty sacred and awesome wedding vows to your spouse, in the presence of God and infront of various witnesses including family and friends. On that special day, your vows meant something and probably even reduced you to tears as you uttered them making life long promises. When things get tough remember those vows. Don’t trample on them! Instead hold them close in your heart and keep them in your focus.  Marriage is not always an easy thing, but if you stick with it and work at it with all you’ve got, it can become one of  the biggest blessings of your life!